What size door do you require?

Most standard doors are either 36" wide by 6' 8" tall or 36" wide by 8' tall.

What style of door do you prefer?

Narrow your decision by next choosing the door style. We have many options in shapes styles and types of wood for your door.

What type of glass should I choose for low visibility?

Decide which of the glass panels will best suit your needs and considering the amount of visibility you want through the door. Glue chip glass has a "frosted" look and provides low visibility. You may also want to use an door with a large glass area or a small glass area depending on the amount of light you want into your home.

What glass assembly should I choose?

Door glass generally comes framed in lead or brass. The type of frame is usually single pane frames and insulated frames.

What finish should I use for my new door?

We can apply a beautiful long lasting natural finish to your door or you can choose to have a paint finish. When choosing a finish be sure to select a stain or paint color to match the look you want for your home.

What Size Doors, Sidelights And Transoms Are Available?

We offer door options to fit all of the sizes demanded by home builders today. In addition, a variety of sidelights (beside the door) and transoms (for above the door) are available.